Superior efficiency with 墨菲’s logistics services

Making 墨菲 your long-term logistics services partner gets you access to one of the best 铁路 siding facilities in the United States and a wide range of tailored logistics services. Being the only private logistics company in Minneapolis to operate a Foreign Trade Zone for inbound logistics, 我们可以为进口商提供在正式入境前满足海关规定的机会. Our complete logistics solutions—3PL 经纪公司, 铁路, 基于资产的载体, 自定义的分布, 和你.S. customs—allow your business to operate more efficiently.



除了墨菲车队之外, our committed capacity 3PL freight brokerage services allow us to focus on your supply chain solutions and transportation services needs throughout all of North America. We do this by leveraging our relationships with other carriers. 通过这个合作伙伴项目, 墨菲是一支500辆卡车的车队, supplying you with committed equipment when you need it at the best price. We stay engaged with these shipments by continually monitoring carrier performance and safety on the road.

墨菲’s rich tradition over the past 120 years has allowed us to build this unique carrier program that is founded on trust, 完整性, 建立关系. 通过这些关系, 墨菲 continues to deliver practical 3PL freight brokerage to Fortune 500 shippers as well as to the start-up shipper.


在物流业, 货运代理公司是扮演协调者角色的第三方实体, connecting businesses who need to ship goods with a carrier that offers shipping and logistics services. This includes negotiating rates, schedules, and all other details.

A quality 3PL freight brokerage will have established relationships with several carriers that offer a full line of transportation services. 我们的合作伙伴关系使我们能够为包括医疗在内的各种行业提供服务, 食物, 工业, 消费品. 这意味着我们提供的冷藏和干式货车解决方案可以满足大多数需求.

More Than Just 3PL Freight 经纪公司 Services

通常情况下,大多数货运经纪服务都不提供基于资产的运输服务, 但在全球最大的赌钱网公司, we have the advantage of also owning our own equipment, 因此,我们可以在为客户提供最佳解决方案的情况下提供内部服务. 墨菲实际上拥有并经营着北美最好的资产基础车队之一, so we can proudly demonstrate that we are a true 资产基础承运人.

我们的第三方物流货运经纪服务让您安心,知道所有的文书工作正在处理, 所有的规定都得到遵守, 所有的结果都会符合你的期望. 我们的团队由具有多年提供经纪解决方案经验的行业专家组成.  

To get started, simply complete the contact form or RFQ form below. Our 3PL brokerage services team will then go to work identifying the best options for you so we can discuss them and narrow down exactly how to achieve your shipping goals.

如果您发现在您的过程中还需要仓储,我们甚至可以提供我们的信任 仓储配送 明尼苏达州或密苏里州的解决方案. This temporary holding option is sometimes needed when connecting the dots between shipping and receiving. 幸运的是,我们有15个仓储和配送物流园区来解决这个问题. These end-to-end logistics services are one of the many things that set 全球最大的赌钱网 apart from our competition. 

Whatever your need, 全球最大的赌钱网 has the solution for you. As a well-established leader among 3PL freight brokerage companies, we have years of successful experience assisting companies of all types, 让我们讨论一下如何与你合作. Give us a call or fill out one of the forms below to get started!

运输(基于资产的承运人 & 铁路)

Reliable logistics with dependable equipment

在爱荷华州有多个终端, 双子城地区, 和堪萨斯城, MO, 墨菲 Warehouse Company is committed to owning and operating one of the best logistics services with an asset-based fleet in North America. 墨菲’s experienced drivers set the team apart from the competition. Our drivers are exceptional, and this clearly shows when they deliver. Our last touch is providing a great customer experience from start to finish.

客户服务 & 沟通

墨菲经验丰富的机队提供卓越的客户服务和运营. Multiple teams and resources allow our fleet to:

  • Flex的能力
  • 将节省下来的费用传递给客户合作伙伴
  • 提供可靠的结果

墨菲’s state-of-the-art equipment and maintenance program ensures that the fleet is reliable and always ready to serve your needs. All trucks have multiple communication capabilities, like satellite tracking and on-board communications. 墨菲 can pinpoint your freight location all the time, every time.

墨菲公司的政策是保护环境、员工的健康和安全, 它的顾客和公众. 该船队力求以环境可持续的方式开展所有这些活动.

每一天, 墨菲的客户将他们的货物从我们的全球最大的赌钱网运送到全国各地. 我们使用我们的资产为基础的车队墨菲卡车来帮助他们做到这一点,并提供超光速运输服务. Operating out of Minnesota’s Twin Cities and the Kansas City, 密苏里州地区, we help you get your goods to where they need to be.


货运公司分为资产型和非资产型两种. The difference lies in whether the company has its own equipment to move your goods to their destination.

作为一个基于资产的载体, 墨菲经营着一支卡车车队,帮助你将货物运送到中西部的目的地. 与此同时,我们通过与其他运营商合作经营一家非资产型第三方物流经纪公司. Doing so allows us to provide more flexibility to our customers, and it lets you reach more destinations with ease.


The key benefits of working with an 资产基础承运人 include:

  • 可靠性
  • 成本效益
  • 安全

当运营商控制更多的变量时,就更容易保持高标准, such as managing their own equipment and employing their own drivers. 

这些因素也使航空公司更容易有效地管理成本. At the same time, all liability for any issues is centralized in one company. And our model of managing our own fleet plus partnering with other carriers gives us the flexibility to offer customers the best of both worlds.


超光速代表“满载”.顾名思义,它包括运送足够的货物来填满一辆卡车的整个货物区. This is in contrast to LTL or ‘Less Than Truck Load,’ which means that your goods only fill up part of the cargo area, 所以你和其他货主共用这个空间.

The main benefit of shipping FTL is that your goods go directly to their destination since you are the only one using the cargo area. As such, they will arrive more quickly at their intended destination. 对这种简单直接的选择的渴望是我们在墨菲提供超光速传输的原因.


Get help solving your biggest logistics challenges with customized 铁路 freight transport services from 墨菲. 在铁路物流领域拥有强大的合作伙伴, we offer a wide range of transload services at economical rates.

铁路货运是许多美国企业理想的运输解决方案. With a shortage of truck drivers plaguing the supply chain industry, intermodal transport has become increasingly attractive. 另外, it offers reduced costs due to economies of scale, 有竞争力的航运时间, 高效配送.

在墨菲, we connect products to destinations across North America by leveraging our relationships in the 铁路 freight industry, 无论是长途运输还是拖运. 我们与所有服务于上中西部地区的一级航空公司直接合作, 包括伯灵顿北部圣达菲, 联合太平洋铁路, 加拿大国家, 和加拿大太平洋地区. 我们还与进步铁路地区短线铁路建立了牢固的关系, making us the second-largest private 铁路 shipper in the region.

墨菲’s logistics network gives us a commanding position in the market. Our 铁路 partners have direct access to 墨菲’s 铁路 storage facilities through dedicated 铁路 line spurs that keep freight costs low for our customers.


更好的安全,更低的保险费 Rail freight transport reduces many operational risks associated with long-distance freight like theft, 事故, 成本波动, 交通堵塞, 卡车司机短缺, 和更多的. Insurance premiums on 铁路 logistics are considerably lower than truck freight.

环保-  铁路物流 is greener than truck freight due to fewer stops and high volume transport. On average, intermodal 铁路 is 3-4 times more fuel-efficient than trucks.
〇复杂的货物需求 工业 products with customized logistics needs can be transported over short distances with our drayage services or long-distance through 铁路 freight. 我们也为高价值产品提供专业的索具和安装服务.


服务范围广: Our expertise includes the entire spectrum of post-production distribution. 我们专营铁路货运, 定制的存储, 背驮式集装箱(联合货物), 实现服务, 包装, 铁路transload, 质量控制, 运费审计, 直接换装, 海关支持, 最后一英里的交付, 精确操纵, 还有延期服务.

峰值期间的灵活缩放: Our 铁路 freight transport services are well-positioned to handle high volume SKUs and simplify complex supply chains that many 3PLs cannot control. 我们还为日常多式联运提供不同的低SKU型号.

完全控制您的供应链: We maintain firm control over your products throughout the supply chain. Rail transloading and distribution are carried out by in-house staff to ensure damage-free freight and unweathered storage through our cross-country network of partners.

集成网络在过去的100年里, 我们已经建立了一个合作伙伴网络,完成了整个物流需求. 我们的物流合作伙伴给了我们信心,让我们不断为客户迎接新的挑战.




墨菲 understands that no two customers are alike. 每个供应链都是独一无二的,不能通过普通的物流服务来优化. While other logistics service providers work on economies of scale, we leverage our capabilities to match specific customer demands. 我们与不同行业背景的客户建立了许多长期合作伙伴关系.


一个多世纪的经验教会了我们如何理解客户的客户. 我们的客户包括各种规模和类型的B2C和B2B企业. 我们深度投资于建立库存,以解决广泛的定制物流挑战.

对于heavy-hauls, we provide a wide range of flatbed trucks along with rigging, 技工, 以及安装服务. For e-commerce partners and omnichannel deliveries, 我们提供最后一英里送货服务, 挑选和打包, 逆向物流. 我们还提供增值分销,包括标签、配套、检验和合规.

We are certified to handle a wide range of goods ranging from 工业 machinery to cold chain logistics. We form long-term partnerships with customers who know we are happy to solve their unique logistic needs.


  • 转运和交叉对接服务
  • 全卡车运输
  • 地方和国家交通解决方案
  • 池分布
  • 平板运输
  • 需要运输
  • 铁路运输
  • 铁路站
  • 配套采购服务
  • Pick-and-Pack
  • 海关支持
  • 广泛的订单履行选择

墨菲在爱荷华州、双子城大都会区和堪萨斯城经营着15家工厂,其中有4家.200万平方英尺的干燥,温控,室外,食品级仓储空间. We operate an extensive fleet of modern cargo trucks with in-house staff and real-time monitoring to ensure hyper-local deliveries that are consistently accurate.


墨菲 takes pride in its partnerships in the industry. We have one of the largest networks of 3PL brokerage partners, giving our clients the best price discovery in the market. 作为上中西部最大的商业铁路转运供应商之一, 我们可以提供低成本, 灵活的铁路运输到我们的客户.


The 墨菲 Vendor Management System is one of the best in class, 客户可以远程访问其资产的所有信息并做出实时决策. Vendor data is updated in real-time across all stages of the supply chain.

Midwest 国际物流 Center: 墨菲 Foreign Trade Zone

墨菲是唯一一个拥有通用119对外贸易区(FTZ)的地区参与者。. 位于我们的明尼阿波利斯校区, this hub is dedicated to goods kitting and reassembly before entering US soil, helping importers avoid inverted tariff and customs restrictions.


International capabilities for global growth

在墨菲, 我们的目标是简化进出口产品的仓储和配送流程. We do this through our Central Examination Station and Midwest 国际物流 Center in Minneapolis. 这些设施帮助企业在正式进入美国之前符合监管标准.


墨菲 operates the Central Examination Station as a U.S. 各种规模的跨境货物(整箱及拼箱)清关检验中心. 我们接受所有贸易通道的货运,无论是铁路、卡车还是空运.

我们投资国际物流解决方案技术,提供额外的安全保障, 确保易腐物品妥善存放, 加快集装箱运输. As a bonded warehouse, we prepare products for inspection and sampling. Our documentation and clearance expertise has helped many businesses complete the compliance process quickly and easily.

We also work closely with several government agencies: The U.S. 国土安全部(CBP), The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 美国食品药品管理局(FDA), 酒精管理局, 烟草, 枪械(ATF), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 举几个例子.

Midwest 国际物流 Center (MILC)

墨菲 operates the only General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone in FTZ 119 (FTZ) within the 3501 海关 region. It is located at our Minneapolis logistics campus (MILC). The general purpose zone gives importers the ability to enter their shipment into the FTZ in order to identify and rectify any problems with their shipment prior to submitting importation documents to U.S. 海关. The other FTZ in the area is at the Minneapolis/St. 保罗国际机场.

作为海关保税全球最大的赌钱网,墨菲为全球供应链提供了多重优势. 进口商 and exporters can use us for long-term storage of imported freight, 产品修改, 以及出口进口货物进行全球运输,无需任何关税或检验.

进口商, 在一般情况下, can undertake the following activities in a General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone for both air and ocean freight.

  • Product De-Assembly, Re-labeling, Re包装
  • 产品测试/抽样
  • Product Repair and Storage (Up to 5 years for restricted goods)
  • 打捞,破坏和操纵
  • 清洗、加工、搅拌

通过MILC, 我们的国际物流部, 我们专注于国际保税仓储和集装箱货运站服务.

Because 墨菲 has the experience and connections to ensure your international logistics needs are met on time and correctly, we know we can help you progress your business forward. Reach out to discover how we can work with your custom needs to ensure the best global transport experience possible!


No matter how large or small your shipments are, we can handle it. 全球最大的赌钱网 has served the Midwest for over 118 years. 我们以客户为中心, woman-owned公司, and we further enhance our efforts by using the EOS operating system. Consult with our logistics services professionals to help you find the best answers by contacting our team at 612-260-9442 今天.